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As an operator and strategist, I've worked across business segments employing innovative technologies and approaches to produce transformative results affecting people and culture, processes and practices for breakthrough results.  

Strategy, Planning and Organization Building for the

New Digital Corporation



Strategic Assessment for Science and Technology-focused Museum


Assessing institution’s readiness to springboard from its initial strategic approach of education, entertainment and visitors center into a new approach focused on becoming a research and educational institution driven by the digital organization.


US Sales Operations Strategy and Build Out


India-based tech outsourcing company required a US-based sales force to engage with Fortune 500 companies with a middleware specialty. Built the financial and operations model for the business unit, recruited and hired the US Sales Director for the organization.


Organizational Transformation for a Specialty After Market

Yacht Product Manufacturer


Assessing effectiveness and profitability of in-house manufacturing process while leveraging company assets to pivot it into a digital sales and marketing organization increasing effectiveness and profitability.


Product to Market: Luxury Wall Covering Product from Market Positioning to Launch



Luxury product maker required product to market strategy including positioning, pricing strategy, marketing and distribution strategy.  Product available through the B2B market (interior designers). Product featured in NY Design Center’s Fall 2016 “What’s New, What’s Next” Show.


Intrapreneur Product Development and Launch for Global University


Created Finance for Design Program from concept through launch. Program designed especially for product designers with minimal background in finance. Program used innovative approach to teach creatives about financial concepts so they could understand the financial relationships to their products while teaching them tools to help with fundraising and speaking to investors as well as hiring financial talent inside their businesses.


Ongoing Financial Analysis for

Digital Brand and Marketing Company


Created and implemented back office processes for the company from digital contract intake, customer onboarding, financial reporting and analysis, client recommendations.

Organizational Transformation that

 Innovates using Purposeful Disruption



Morning Salon and the Salons @ EarthWeek 

Morning Salon is  a human-centered design thinking approach to help companies solve intractable problems and conundrums and mine opportunities around sustainable solutions. The Salons @ Earth Week is an invitation-only conference style event sponsored by FIT, FLOR, Florim, Effen Vodka, PRINT Restaurant and others.


Individuals and companies who have presented at the Morning Salon include:

  • Rick Kilmer, President of FLOR

  • Christina Liedtke and Max Knecht,  Johnson & Johnson, CPG Group

  • Jesse Finklestein, Co-Founder, Print All Over Me

  • Carl Minchew, VP of Color and Innovation, Benjamin Moore

  • Darcey Howard, VP of Strategic Relationships, Loomstate,

  • Daniel Silverstein, Founder, Daniel Silverstein, Zero Waste Designer and Fashion Star

  • Vincent Appel, Of Possible Architecture, Award-winning architect and designer



Audacity: Making Corporate Change Personal

Using the Sh*FT Method TM



Coursework is designed to increase the success rate of implementing corporate change projects including digital change by focusing on the personal change of each individual team member. 

  • Audacity Foundations 

  • Audacity Achievement

  • Audacity Dojo Series


The FutureLAB Series

  • FutureLAB: From Idea to Reality 

  • For Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

  • FutureLAB: Start IT!

  • FutureLAB: Profit!

  • FutureLAB: Brand YOU!



The Sustainable Organization

  • Building sustainable companies from strategy through execution. 

  • Core course for FIT's Sustainable Design Entrepreneur's Program

The Purpose Driven Organization

  • Building companies that are mission-driven with societal and sustainable benefits for next level results.

  • Core course for FIT's Sustainable Design Entrepreneur's Program.



Finance for Design Program for FIT

  • Introduction to Pricing

  • Brand, Customer Segments, and Pricing





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