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Purpose-driven.  Well, of course.  And....
Once you dial into acting purposefully, then what?  
Here's my answer:  It's an Ethos and this is what expresses purpose everyday.

AUTHENTICALLY ENGAGED: I genuinely am engaged in the work that I do, the clients that I serve and the results that I produce—this is a natural expression of who I am.  I don't go to work to  punch a clock—I go to work to redesign the clock so that it works great for everyone.  I'm authentically engaged in our ethos.  It’s how I live.


FUN AND ENTHUSIASM IN EARNEST: I like fun. I am fun. Even when I'm working hard, I'm working smart and having fun. I'm enthusiastic about what I do.  It’s part of my ethos. Having fun means doing good work and delivering happiness everywhere we go and we really mean that… earnestly. It’s part of my mission, and purpose and its inside of my promise.


SMART: I know that smart doesn’t have to prove itself.  It’s not an over inflated ego screaming SMART!  Smart acts and delivers solid.  


INNOVATION and EXCELLENCE:  I look at innovation as a state of mind not a destination.  I'm  on the path of continuous improvement, a journey that takes me from one solution to the next.  I believe that excellence is a driver that inspires innovation and finding solutions that work.


TRUST, RESPECT, INTEGRITY: I respect you, the team and the mission.  I hold the relationship that I have with you and your team in esteem. I am trustworthy and operate with integrity.


EVERYBODY WINS: I'm all for you winning and for me winning.It's 360 degrees of wonderful when this happens.  I don’t do business in a win/lose manner.  It’s a short term mindset that stifles our relationship.


POLICY FOR THE PLANET: I respect and value the bountiful gifts of nature and promise to operate with respect for the planet.  I promise to actively participate in planet positive activities so to reduce the environmental impacts with all that I do.

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