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Innovation and purposeful disruption experienced by well-known and respected professionals in their fields.  Here's what they had to say about their experiences. 

"Lisa's passion for engaging and driving conversations were difference-makers for me."

"I had the privilege of speaking to the Morning Salon group, led by Lisa, early in 2016.  I have the opportunity to speak with several professional groups each year, but Lisa's passion for engaging  and driving conversations in attacking relevant topics of the day were difference-makers for me.  Not only did Lisa and her team create a fantastic event logistically, but she brought a gracious pragmatism to the agenda and I left with a dozen great ideas to spur strategic conversation within my own business.  I highly recommend Lisa and her Morning Salon process to any thought leaders looking for inspiration. "

Rick Kilmer, President, FLOR (Nasdaq: TILE)

"Lisa Hendrickson is what organizations need today."

"Lisa Hendrickson is what organizations need today. A passionate, brilliant and actionable business leader who has a 21st century mindset of seeing opportunities and driving results. Her unique blend of vision and an ability to see the possibilities on the edge is what sets her apart in helping organizations co-create a clear purpose of why their business matters deeply. The talents she brings encompass the fundamental definition of innovation by understanding how to skillfully implement strategy through people. Lisa cares deeply about the work she is doing in the world and knows how to bring profitability and growth by creating strategies, approaches, products and programs that drive business value to new heights."

Ayelet Baron, VP Strategy, Innovation and Transformation, Cisco Systems



"...Practical, thorough, sensitive, refreshing, and profound..."


"Spark City is a great fit for us. We are a relatively young, successful organization ready to advance to the next level, but it is a competitive environment out there. Through our work with Spark City, I found their methodology provides intelligent and insightful solutions that not only help to point the way, but also to inspire confidence. If you need to thrive, and need new ideas and real solutions to do so, count the team at Spark City among your best allies. They are practical, thorough, sensitive, refreshing, and profound, and on your side the whole way.”  

Paul Garver, Museum Director, Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque Balloon Musuem



"Her Innate Ability to See Directly Through A Number of Issues with Clarity"


Lisa has the innate ability to see directly through any number of business, technical, or relationship complexities and quickly come to decisions about next steps. I've seen her take on difficulte business challenges and exceed all expecations; Lisa excels at everything she does, including marathon running. She is an amazing human being.

Andrew Boardman, Principle, Manoverboard



"Morning Salon is an authentic and fantastic collaboration...bringing together change agents within their industry."


"Morning Salon is an authentic and fantastic collaboration within the sustainability community bringing together the change agents within their industry. Last year, Johnson & Johnson commercial organization was asked to participate in Morning Salon and speak to our increased need to change consumer behavior to increase recycling of bathroom products. The feedback from the Morning Salon group was fantastic in ways we can help facilitate this change. We were able to speak with our global leaders of sustainability and share ideas that came from the Morning Salon group. Some of the ideas were incorporated into our consumer communication."

Christina Liedtke, Head of Sales, L'Oreal, Former Sales Strategist J&J, CPG Group

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