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To lead is to serve.  My promise includes something I call "360 degrees of wonderful." This means at every touchpoint in our interactions, I strive for "wonderful."  It's not about perfection, it's about making the experience as positive as possible--whether we're working out the nitty gritty of a deal or we're bringing a new product to market.  Wonderful doesn't just happen.  It comes from a thoughtful place of mastery.
Early Adopter by Nature


My ideas and strategies usually fall into the early adopter space given my initial career opportunities in tech and then starting the sustainable furnishings manufacturing company.  



I like using Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm Model when I think about describing how to measure when I start really seeing the market potential for new products and services. 






Leadership Directives


Leadership occurs to me as a euphemism for character--who you really are in relationship to what you believe. True leadership shows up while facing circumstances that are less than ideal. Your character shines when you've got to step up to the plate and do the out of the ordinary, maybe the extraordinary, to achieve the expected result.


As a COO, I learned first hand that you can teach skills but you can't teach people character.  What you can do is inspire action and ask your team to bring the best version of themselves--have them to step up to the plate and swing at the ball with everything they have. 


 Leadership Foundations


  • I believe in aligning the environment using a systematic approach first. This allows me to lead a team using the ideas of flow, purposeful creation, and team harmony.  From a place of team belonging, people produce breakthrough results.

  • I’m  known to be someone who believes in the promise of each team member. I believe in using that promise as a call for team members to bring their better selves to all the team does.

  • Using a systematic approach to guide team members how to make decisions aligned with the requisite outcomes brings culture into decision-making throughout the organization.

  • Creating a space of comfort and authenticity allows people and teams to foster results.

  • As a strategist and COO, I understand that strategy isn't a “theory” that I try out on another’s company. As an executive at a rapidly growing company, I saw how well thought out strategies implemented fully impacted every aspect of the operations and the people who executed them. 

  • My COO experience has me understand many aspects of the company from strategy, sales, marketing, finance and production. This organizational knowledge has illuminated the upsides and the challenges of these roles.  I see each function requires its own unique compassion for the others. so that my personal authority across specialties and business units carries.


What Am I Known For


My promise—to create the simple elegant solution, execute with impeccability and deliver 360 degrees of wonderful.







My Traits | Characteristics


Trailblazer I am able to take the lead and go first to figure out what the landscape looks like and then set the pathways to navigate the new domain. Here my leadership has been instrumental in carving out new markets, new products and new services.


Signifier I identify the signposts that signify trends and what’s in the heart of those who set the trend.  Then I can identify who best benefits from the trend. Using this understanding to help design the strategy and roadmap that takes the company from where we are now to where we’d like to go.



Interpreter of trends assigning meaning to what’s happening in the marketplace helps team members get lined up behind a new idea or concept.


Trusted Authority of how the machinery of the organization works as well as the machinery of a team.



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