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"Lisa is Amazing! She is a wonderful presenter, who thoroughly knows her subject material, prepares beautiful materials, and is inspiring and creative. The combination of her knowledge of business, and the ability to help you unlock your potential makes her a great consultant and business coach. I loved working with her, and I still use what I learned from her many years later.”

Cathy Towle,

"I took Lisa Hendrickson's class at FIT. Her 2 day class on organizations was insightful, eye-opening, inspiring and full of information that not only provided me with the help I needed at the time, but will continue to aid me further along my entire entrepreneurial journey. Within 2 days of taking her class, I was able to organize my endeavors in a much clearer and stronger way that has only pushed me farther along. I cannot recommend her enough."


Sharon Epperson, Simply Natural Clothing


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