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Who is FutureLAB Designed For?

FutureLAB workshops are designed for anyone who is thinking about starting a business, has an early stage company or is looking to improve or reinvent their current business.

FutureLAB is a perfect fit for individuals and teams who are already excellent at the skill or craft they intend to build their business around. 

Great for:


FutureLAB helps companies not ready or qualified for financing whether equity or debt get a business up and running.

  • Subject Matter Experts who are already excellent at what they do but don't have business building experience or expertise; 
  • Start up companies needing to define direction and clarify vision;
  • ​Individuals looking to learn operational tools and techniques;
  • Lifestyle Entrepreneurs looking to create a business around their personal preferences;
  • Employees transitioning to entrepreneurs.
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