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"She is a Powerful Creative and Effective Leader"

I have known Lisa for ten years and have watched her develop as a leader and business woman. Lisa has an ability to identify what is wanted and needed in any given moment and supply the appropriate level of leadership to the situation. She understands the details of day-to-day business leadership and is always in action to fulfill on a choherent strategy for the long-term success of her firm. She is a powerfull creative and effective executive.

-David Winkler, CEO,  Valeo Consulting

About Morning Salon, A Design Thinking Program Created by Lisa Hendrickson

"The impact The Morning Salon is making is tremendous! Not only does the format inspire creativity, innovation, and collaboration but it is also empowering businesses to improve how they operate to behave in a more socially responsible and sustainable way. Everyone who attends the Morning Salon leaves with a greater sense of purpose, fresh ideas for creating impact in their work, and new business partnerships. If every business had the opportunity to participate in the Morning Salon, the world would truly be a better place."

-Jason Burnham, Principle, Experience Innovation




"Morning Salon is an authentic and fantastic collaboration within the sustainability community bringing together the change agents within their industry. Last year, Johnson & Johnson commercial organization was asked to participate in Morning Salon and speak to our increased need to change consumer behavior to recycle bathroom products more. The feedback from the Morning Salon group was fantastic in ways we can help facilitate this change. We were able to speak with our global leaders of sustainability and share ideas that came from the Morning Salon group. Some of the ideas were incorporated into our consumer communication."

Christina Liedtke, Sales Strategy, CPG, Johnson & Johnson





"Her Innate Ability to See Directly Through A Number of Issues with Clarity"

"Lisa has an innate ability to see directly through any number of business, technical or relationship complexities and quickly come to decisions about the next best steps. I've seen her take on difficult business challenges and exceed all expectations. She excels in everything she does."

-Andrew Boardman, Principle, Manoverboard

"I Was Blown Away by the Insights and the Results"

"I hired Lisa to help me with pricing for a new product line. I have been BLOWN AWAY by the insights and results Lisa has provided me. After just a few hours of training, I was able to implement strategic pricing changes to my existing services, and made back her fee within 30 days. When I implement her recommendations for my new product line (still in development), my profits will skyrocket to levels I never imagined possible. On top of all of this, Lisa is FUN and FRIENDLY and FANTASTIC. I can't say enough great things about Lisa."

Katy Patrick Piotrowski M.Ed., LPC

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